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For over 10 years, I have been honored to help some amazing entrepreneurs, coaches, and organizations build the brand and websites of their dreams. However, what I soon realized, is that once the platforms are in place, the “real work” has only just begun…

In addition to my design and consulting work, I absolutely love supporting individuals and teams by empowering them with everything I’ve learned to help them SHINE ONLINE and keep the momentum going long after we launch their inspired websites and brands. As a fellow inspired entrepreneur, I have walked my talk, and been invested in figuring out how to design a LIFE that is meaningful, inspired, authentic, and successful – and a business and brand that support it. I have worked with lots of clients over the years and helped them do the same.

The coaching I offer perfect for you if you are looking for a trusted advisor to help you navigate the many pieces of growing, evolving, and sustaining your brand out in the world, while living a life you love. Whether you’re fresh off of launching your dream site, or about to launch a new program, the power of having a mentor to guide and hold you accountable to achieving your marketing and business goals can be immense. I know both the challenges and opportunities that online marketers face, and it would be my honor to help you leverage the limitless power and potential of the web. Read more about how I can help you below… Cheers,

Product + Program Launches

Learn step by step strategies for launching new or existing products and programs. Together we can plan and design your sales pages, email campaigns, manage your website backend, social media promotions and ensure a successful and profitable launch!

Shine Online

Learn all of the little and big to-dos that ensure you not only show up online, but that you shine like the rockstar you are! I help you position yourself as an industry leader and create the online presence to prove it.

WordPress Design + Management

Learn the ins and outs of managing your website, editing and adding content, and keeping your site looking and functioning optimally from the inside out. I can also coach you through designing and building a simple site from scratch!

Email Marketing

Build and grow your email list(s), run effective and attractive campaigns, synchronize your optin boxes across all of your platforms, and ensure that your emails get read by your target audience.

Blogging + Content Development

Learn how to position yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field through meaningful content. Ensure that you are writing about topics your audience wants to hear about, and that each post is optimized to get the most traffic and attention back to your site.

Social Media

Strategy and planning, content development, management tools and techniques, marketing campaign guidance and support, and learning how to leverage new platforms for maximum visibility.

One On One


Every coaching and training session is fully customized and tailored to your unique needs and goals. We can work on your technical, creative, or strategic questions and challenges – or all of the above! I work with you 1-on-1, over the course of at least 3 months, so that we can gain traction and momentum and make some big things happen in your business. We set clear and achievable priorties and an action plan upfront for the duration of our work together, as well as clear agendas and objectives for each session. I send you agenda and prep items prior to each meeting, and you leave each session with action items and homework to keep you moving forward. You will also have unlimited support and check-ins for any questions that might come up in between sessions. If and when it is needed, I may also work with your team and/or partners so that all of you are on the same page and working towards the same objectives. Depending on how much support you need, and what your timeline is for accomplishing your goals, you may choose 1, 2, or 3 sessions per month. At the end of each 3 month program, you will have the option to continue working together, if you feel you would benefit from additional support. I take on a limited number of coaching clients every quarter (4 to be exact!) so that I can give each client I work with the love and attention on their business that they deserve. If you feel this kind of support would be just what you need to help launch your big marketing goals, then simply send me your answers to 3 simple questions below, and I’ll get in touch with you asap to schedule a brief phone chat so we can continue to “get to know each other” and explore whether working together would be a fit.

“As a dinosaur in tech land, Claudia was an incredibly patient and skilled guide who helped create a website that is my pride and joy.  Claudia was passionate about meeting my needs and ensuring that my site was of the highest quality, all the while teaching me the technical tools necessary to make updates to my site as my needs change in the coming years.  Claudia has a positive, caring personality and made the whole process fun but, most importantly, gave me the website of my dreams!”

Lea Stublarec

Parenting Coach

Gifted Daughters

Group Programs

Upcoming Sessions:

Brand ME: Bootcamp

Make this your year to SHINE ONLINE!

Kick off 2016 with a powerful 4-week program designed to give you clarity, inspiration, and focus around all that you and your brand can be on the web. If you are planning a branding or website project this coming year, this program is a MUST! In this fun, interactive, and inspiring virtual group program, you will:

  • Define your Brand Story & create powerful messaging.
  • Create your brand style guide and inspiration board.
  • Develop your slogan and signature brand “voice”.
  • Come up with 2-3 creative concepts for your logo.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn, Facebook & other social profiles with compelling copy and graphics.
  • Discover cost effective ways to get your branding & website DONE.
  • Get brand feedback and insight real-time from knowledgeable consultants, designers, and fellow entrepreneurs.
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