The Inspired Brand Mentorship

A 3-month deep dive journey into envisioning, designing, and developing your inspired online brand and platform.

I am passionate about helping fellow purpose-driven entrepreneurs build brands, websites, and platforms that not only look amazing, but help them build sustainable and profitable businesses through sharing their gifts and talents. After 8 years as a branding and web designer and strategist, I am thrilled to offer my gifts in a deeper and much more holistic way.

If you are on the brink of launching yourself into the world, but feel like you still need to tie all of the pieces together, or you’re looking to refresh an outdated or stagnant brand, this program is for you. This program is designed to support you in navigating, and implementing the strategic, technical and creative pieces you need to build an online platform that is uniquely you.

Together we will dive into purposeful exploration and co-creation as we…

Craft Your Brand Story & Messaging

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to tell people about who you are and what you have to offer? I will help you clarify your message by identifying your value proposition, what problem(s) you are solving with your products & services, and defining your ideal client so you can effectively craft a “brand story” and key messaging that speaks their language.

Plan Your Website & Empower You to Build Your Own

Learn all of the little and big to-dos that ensure you not only show up online, but that you shine like the rockstar you are! I help you position yourself as an industry leader and create the online presence to prove it.

Design & Package Your Opt-In Offer(s) & Funnel

Once we know who you are, who your “people” are, and what your communication style is, we will then create a gameplan for how you are going to reach those you wish to work and partner with. We determine a social and communication strategy that makes sense for you and spend a few weeks cleaning up your “online self” so that it’s more in alignment with the direction you’re going.

Unify & Optimize Your Social & Online Presence

Once we know who you are, who your “people” are, and what your communication style is, we will then create a gameplan for how you are going to reach those you wish to work and partner with. We determine a social and communication strategy that makes sense for you and spend a few weeks cleaning up your “online self” so that it’s more in alignment with the direction you’re going.

Discover Your Connection & Communication Style

Learn how to position yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field through meaningful content. Ensure that you are writing about topics your audience wants to hear about, and that each post is optimized to get the most traffic and attention back to your site.

Craft Purposeful, Engaging, Authentic Content

Build and grow your email list(s), run effective and attractive campaigns, synchronize your optin boxes across all of your platforms, and ensure that your emails get read by your target audience.

Conceptualize Your Brand Identity, Logo & Brand Style

Learn step by step strategies for launching new or existing products and programs. Together we can plan and design your sales pages, email campaigns, manage your website backend, social media promotions and ensure a successful and profitable launch!

Design, Name & Package Your Programs & Services

Design and package your signature programs and services so that they clearly communicate your value, and are a profitable and enjoyable revenue stream for your business.

Hire & Empower Your Success & Support Team

Strategy and planning, content development, management tools and techniques, marketing campaign guidance and support, and learning how to leverage new platforms for maximum visibility.

What’s Included
3 Months of 1-on-1 Mentorship with Claudia

This includes 8 total sessions, where we meet weekly in Month 1, and bi-weekly in Months 2 & 3.

Real-Time Hands-On Learning

During each session you will learn hands-on how each of the pieces of your marketing, web, and sales funnels work…you will be empowered to own and manage your online presence – and know what makes sense to delegate and outsource.

Free Divi Premium WordPress Theme

A fully customizable and bad-ass theme for the WordPress website and blogging platform. Learn more HERE.

Custom Divi Template

Your choice of 5 beautiful designed Theme Templates  / pre-built layouts for the Divi theme. This not only saves you invaluable time, money and headaches trying to customize the look, feel and layout of your site, but it also gives you the benefit of a professionally designed template at a fraction of the cost of a custom design. Click Here to View your choices.

Resources, Resources, Resources!

Your program will be filled with an ABUNDANCE of free resources, tutorials, software, and other tips of the trade that you get from my 8+ years of designing and building brands and websites.

What’s Not Included:

  • Domain, Web and Email Hosting Costs
  • Additional Design and Development Costs outside of our session support (can be discussed based on your needs and budget)
  • Travel and accommodation costs should you decide to come to either of our half day sessions live to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley of California 🙂

3-Month Mentorship Investment


May be paid in full, or paid in 3 monthly payments of $849.00


Inspired Brand Discovery Day


4 hours, virtual or in-person
A creative, soulful half-day of juicy 1-on-1 time where we dive deep into your unique business brand, and set the stage for our work together. Together we will take stock of your personal and business brand(s): past, present and future. We will envision, brainstorm, plan and begin to craft your inspired online platform, and how you’re going to tell the world about your amazing self (aka your marketing plan). You will leave not only inspired, but with tangible plans and maps for how your brand and website will look & feel to be most in alignment with you and what you have to offer. A great way to kickstart your mentorship program!

VIP Launch Party


4 hours, virtual or in-person
A half-day of exciting but purposeful fun and preparation! Here we integrate all that we have co-created, prepare for website “launch”, and craft your 90-day action plan for owning and managing your online brand and carrying the momentum forward. Also a great opportunity get your team on the same page as you prepare to embark on launching your inspired brand!

Professional Branding & Web Design & Development

$597.00 or $997.00

5 or 10 Hours
Sometimes a few professional touches are all it takes to take something from good enough to GREAT! Should you decide you want me to help you design your logo, design and build your website, or perhaps just add a few visual upgraded to the one we begin to build together, I’d be happy to offer my skills and expertise! My standard rates for branding, web design and development are $150 per hour, but I am offering a special rate for mentorship clients, as sets of 5 hours for $527, or 10 hours for $997. Any additional hours and support may be discussed as well!

“As a dinosaur in tech land, Claudia was an incredibly patient and skilled guide who helped create a website that is my pride and joy.  Claudia was passionate about meeting my needs and ensuring that my site was of the highest quality, all the while teaching me the technical tools necessary to make updates to my site as my needs change in the coming years.  Claudia has a positive, caring personality and made the whole process fun but, most importantly, gave me the website of my dreams!”

Lea Stublarec

Parenting Coach

Gifted Daughters

Hello There…

I’m honored and excited that you are here, and considering me as your partner and collaborator on designing and launching your Inspired Brand. I’d love to share a few more details about how the program works, and make sure working together is a fit!

For over 8 years, I have been honored to help some amazing entrepreneurs, coaches, and organizations build the brand and websites of their dreams. However, building a website is just one piece of the platform that will share who you are and what you have to offer, and connect it with the clients and communities you wish to serve.

The overall objective of this program is to first help you clarify and craft your “brand”; conceptually, visually, and at every client touchpoint. Then we move on to translating your brand across your website, products and services, social media presence, informational products such as optin offers and e-books, and much more.

Over the course of 3 months, we gain traction and momentum and make some big things happen in your business. We set clear and achievable priorities and an action plan upfront for the duration of our work together, as well as clear agendas and objectives for each session. You will have access to a Basecamp project where I post resources, assignments, discussions, and feedback. You leave each session with action items and homework to keep you moving forward, and you have access to unlimited support and check-ins for any questions that might come up in between sessions.

During our nine 1-on-1 sessions, I will cover a general curriculum, and then have time during each to cover your unique questions, challenges, and needs. We can work on your technical, creative, or strategic questions and challenges – or all of the above! Each session is intended to build on each other, and the program is front loaded, so that you can get your most critical pieces (your brand story, concept, messaging, and packages) out into the world as soon as possible, and continue to refine as we go along. Each session will be hosted on Zoom Meeting and will be recorded and available to you for referring back to.

I may also work with your team and/or partners so that all of you are on the same page and working towards the same objectives. I take on a limited number of coaching clients every quarter (4 to be exact!) so that I can give each client I work with the love and attention on their business that they deserve. If you feel this kind of support would be just what you need to help launch your big marketing goals, then simply send me your answers to 3 simple questions below, and I’ll get in touch with you asap to schedule a brief phone chat so we can continue to “get to know each other” and explore whether working together would be a fit.

The mentorship I offer is perfect for you if you are looking for a trusted advisor to help you navigate the many pieces of growing, evolving, and sustaining your brand out in the world, while living a life you love. Whether you’re just starting the process of figuring out your brand, building a website, embarking on a brand or website reinvention, the power of having a mentor to guide and hold you accountable to achieving your marketing and business goals can be immense. I know both the challenges and opportunities that online marketers face, and it would be my honor to help you leverage the limitless power and potential of the web. Read more about how I can help you below… Cheers,claudia-signature-gold

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