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Story waiting to be told

We are a marketing communications agency specializing in designing and developing custom, strategic and visually stunning brands & websites for purpose-driven businesses and organizations. 


We do more than “just” design websites.

We work with business owners with a desire to inspire others and make a positive impact through their work. We support them through soulful strategy & planning, creative brand coaching, and custom branding, web design & development. We help you craft a thoughtful brand platform and design digital solutions that will sustain and grow your mission and communities.

Brand Strategy+ CONSULTING

Virtual 1-on-1 Deep Dive Sessions, Full Day Brand Retreats, and Retainer or Project-Based Consulting


Custom Brand Identity Design, Print Design, Social Media Branding, Email Newsletter Design, Canva Template Design

WEB Design + Development

Web Design, WordPress Web Development, Sales Page and Online Course Design & Development


We help you plan & build a sustainable and thoughtful ecosystem for your marketing communications activities. Streamline and integrate your optins, sales funnels, online scheduling software, CRMs & more…


Strategy, content, design, platform development, launch, and tech support to help you launch and grow your online courses, group programs & communities

Coaching + Training

Brand, Business & Marketing Coaching & Training to empower you and your team to grow and evolve your inspired brand

Recent Inspired Brands

A few of our latest projects…

Sarah McGowan Dear

It was a true honor and ridiculously satisfying experience to get to co-create and custom-craft a beautiful new brand identity, and website for my coach, colleague, and soul sister Sarah McGowan Dear! Imagery throughout the site was curated and selected to evoke feelings of harmony, beauty, simplicity, creativity, precision and evoke the intuitive nature of Sarah’s work. Nature and the natural elements, geometric patterns, gradients, textures, dimensionality, and layers were key inspirations and visual themes. Harmony through a balance of hard & soft, linear and flowing, formed and amorphous.

We are delighted to share the results!

Jane Sibbett

This project was a true soul collaboration, co-creation, and dance from start to finish! Over the course of many months, we custom-crafted a beautiful new brand identity, and sophisticated website for the multi-talented and magically gifted Jane Sibbett! The essence and inspiration for this project was “Pura Vida” – inspired by the pure life force and spirit that flows through everyone and everything in nature. Jane wanted all the colors of the rainbow, and actual rainbows! So we figured out a way to weave all of her inspiration and creative ideas into beautiful form…please go check out the results!

Ashley Wrobel

We set out to transform Ashley’s DIY website, and in the process transformed her entire coaching practice! Inspired by joy, creativity, and freedom, we are delighted to share the results.

Jackie Priestley

Jackie’s work and energy inspired and ignited me from the moment we met, and it was an honor to help her translate her intention into the next chapter of her important work. The results are better than either of us could have anticipated…and the journey even richer.

Helen Croza

Helen is a transformational coach, therapist, and guide specializing in working with women around food and body issues. We spent many months exploring, discovering, unearthing, reclaiming, and weaving all of her experience and depth into a brand, visual identity, imagery, copy, and an online space that would do her work justice. I am grateful for the honor and excited for the world to know Helen Croza…

Our Clients

We design and consult with brands who inspire us, and whose work we are excited to support in the world. Our sweet spot is working with…

Coaches + Consultants

Therapists + Healers

Beauty, Health + Wellness Biz

Non Profits & NGOs

Yoga Studios + Teachers

Retreat Centers + Leaders

Online Entrepreneurs

Artists, Creatives + Makers

You are not a Template

Your work is unique and makes a big impact...your website should too.

We'd love to help you align all of who you are into a powerful brand story and visual communications that take your work and business to the next level.

Client Love

“I love having a website that I’m proud to have out in the world.”

A lot of research went into finding a designer for my new direction and website. When I saw Claudia’s work I knew she would understand what I was trying to create. Which was great… because I was not sure how I was going to put together and communicate my work, ideas and offerings to the clients that are looking for me and my perspective.

Claudia was able to create space and offered so much patience! She was able to allow for both the time for my process AND how to say, ‘Time to make a decision.’ The result is more beautiful then I could have imagined and it holds everything that I have wanted to communicate to visitors to my site, and more importantly feels just right. I love having a website that I’m proud to have out in the world. I always felt that Claudia was invested in not just getting the website and branding done but making sure every detail was tweaked and refined until it felt and looked right.

I am deeply grateful!

Helen Croza

“If you want to see the SOUL of your business COME TO LIFE before your eyes…

…if you want to ride a creative force and truly affect the the visitors who come to your site…buckle your seatbelt. Claudia is a genius on multiple levels. Over the course of a few months, she helped me synthesize 35+ years of professional experience, inspirations, ideas, and content into a website and presence that was better than anything I could have ever imagined. She worked with my tech aversion, frustrations, and many many ideas with the patience and care of a saint. I am forever grateful and a humble and loyal client for life!”

Francie White

“Working with Claudia was like a trip to Disney World…my business dreams did come true!”

Branding your company is such an important milestone, and it’s so important to find the right person to guide that journey with you. Without a doubt, the Inspired Brand and Claudia are the key to a making your dream website come to life! Claudia brings so much creativity to the process that our meetings felt more like inspirational sessions than work. She is invested in getting to know her client and their brand, and she helped me redeliver my product, redesign my mission, and reinvest in my passion. Her genuine style of communication and authentic driven insight is what makes Claudia so unique. There is no higher recommendation that I can give, and I would choose to work with Claudia and the Inspired Brand over and over again. Working with her was like a trip to Disney World and as one can see by my web design, my business dreams really did come true. Thank you Claudia for inspiring me with your creative magic!”

Mieke Kramer


From the Blog

A few of our latest musings and resources…

Shifting, Slowing & Surrendering into Spring

Shifting, Slowing & Surrendering into Spring

Hello Friend, How are you? For us it's been quite the intense start to seems that many can relate. Change - even good change - is uncomfortable. Spring is a big change from Winter. It’s a shift in focus, energy, and momentum that we’re not always ready...

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Reflections and reminders from my time of rest and restoration…

I am writing you on my first day back from much needed time off. Over the past two weeks, I allowed myself to un-schedule, un-plug and un-wind fully. I setup my auto-responder, turned off the notifications on my phone & social media, did a lot of yoga, and even took NAPS. It was amazing.

Thoughtful, beautiful, cohesive. You’re ready…

Let’s have a chat about some of the ways we can help your brand and website be as amazing and authentic as you are…please use the button below to schedule time to discuss your project.

I look forward to meeting you!

Claudia Miró

Chief inspiration officer