Happy International Women’s Day!

by Mar 9, 2021Entrepreneurship, Inspirations, Soul

“You are in charge and responsible for the power that is your being. That’s it – you’re the one in charge. And you’re the one who has to be mindful of how it is you distribute this life force that is you into acts of creation. You. That is what life is – how we distribute our incredible power into acts of creation.”

Caroline Myss 

Happy International Women’s Day!!

I am writing you on my first day back from much needed time off. Over the past two weeks, I allowed myself to un-schedule, un-plug and un-wind fully. I setup my auto-responder, turned off the notifications on my phone & social media, did a lot of yoga, and even took NAPS. It was amazing.

However…This process was also surprisingly challenging. It brought up a lot of questions, and reminded me of some essential lessons that I’ve been reflecting on. As fellow women, creators, and soulful entrepreneurs, I felt you might relate…


Extracting myself from the day-to-day of my business was almost laughably difficult. My initial plans kept getting pushed back and whittled down. I realized something was very wrong if after almost 13 years I couldn’t step away from my business for at at least 2 weeks. RED FLAG.

I started my business to be an entrepreneur – to have freedom, autonomy, and never have to ask any one for time off ever again. I wanted to feel creative, purposeful, and inspired. So why was I feeling anxiety, resentment and overwhelm? I realized that I was not running my business, my business was running me.


You are the only one who decides who and what you say Yes to. Your Yes creates your reality and your experiences. Your Yes is powerful, so use it wisely and discerningly.


Over the course of my life and business, I have experienced more than a few rounds of burnout. I’ve done A LOT of work on boundaries and self-care. Yet here I was…burning out…again. Humbling but also helpful.

I have come to know that feelings of burnout are not the problem – they are the symptom. Something was out of alignment and my body and soul were letting me know. So I listened…

My time off was deeply nourishing and enlightening. It highlighted how and why I was using the distraction of “busy-ness” from keeping me fully present and creating, and how Resistance was showing up. Thankfully I have a lot of tools, and a fabulous support system, so I was able to navigate this time, and this year, with lots of love and grace. I couldn’t help thinking about all of my fellow humans, clients, friends, and women entrepreneurs out there who are carrying the weight of the world and might not have the same tools and support. There will be new offerings and insights soon, and a new “form” for my work in the world. Stay tuned… In the meantime, I hope you are also finding ways to nourish and take care of yourself! If you need support, or just someone to listen – please reach out.

Is there something you feel called to do for yourself, or in your business that feels scary or impossible? 

Is there something that feels out of alignment, or a goal that seems unreachable?

Is there something stirring for you that wants to be created?

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xo Claudia