Manos Unidas Peru : Site Launched & Live!

Manos Unidas Peru : Site Launched & Live!

Since October of 2015, our Chief Inspiration Officer of The Inspired Brand, Claudia Miro, has had the honor of serving on the Board of Directors of Manos Unidas, International; a US-based non profit exclusively supporting Manos Unidas Peru.

Manos Unidas Peru, founded in 2008, is a legally registered Peruvian non-profit organization, serving as the first and only private/non-for-profit school for special education in Cusco, Peru.

Today, Manos Unidas Peru consists of three programs:

  • Camino Nuevo – the first private / non profit educational facility in Cusco for special education (est. 2009)
  • Inclusion – preparing students to the best of their ability to be included within regular education classrooms and schools (est. 2011)
  • Phawarispa – a Youth Work Training Program; empowering students to integrate into society through work experience (est. 2014)

Manos Unidas’ original website was full of rich information and great images, but unfortunately it was a bit outdated, so a lot of the content was getting lost. Founder Celeste Marion was ready for a website makeover! Celeste knew if she were to update the website platform to the latest and greatest technologies, integrations, and make it mobile-friendly and responsive, it would create more ease, efficiency and opportunities with her communications and fundraising efforts.

Our main objective was to create a more engaging, interactive, and beautiful space for MUI supporters, donors, volunteers and friends. We aimed to create a platform that showcases up-to-date information about the programs, the kids, and how supporters can get involved. Our secondary objective was to make Celeste’s job a lot easier, by having a website that simplified and streamlined her communications efforts; a key for any nonprofit working with lean support staff and budgets.

We are beyond proud with the end result, and are thrilled to announce the launch of their *shiny* new website! Check out our portfolio for more information on this project, and Please visit and learn more about Manos Unidas, their programs, the kids, and how you can support and donate to this amazing cause.

In gratitude,

The Inspired Brand Team

The Inspired Brand : Our Brand Story

The Inspired Brand : Our Brand Story

2015 was the year we walked our talk

This past year was an amazing, but grueling and “heads-down” time. 2015 offered the chance to dig deep into our creative process, and apply everything we do with and for our clients to our very own business.

I began freelancing as C.Miro Consulting almost 7 years ago, and when I began, I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I began like most freelancers do: with a little bith of technical skills, and very little else. It’s been quite the journey ever since, and I have learned an immense amount of lessons and skills along the way. After taking a break to pursue non-profit work for a couple of years, I relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Central Coast and essentially re-established my business from scratch. It was a big transition both personally and professionally, but also a great chance to start fresh with a new perspective, and community. After getting my feet wet on a few projects, I began to feel that I was naturally out-growing C.Miro Consulting. I was very clear that the model and format of my current business was not what I wanted it to look like long-term, and that what I felt emerging was bigger than just me.

Over the past year, my team and I have done the deep, and at times tedious work of turning our business upside down, and designing our very own, custom dream brand and website. We started from the inside out, putting a business plan together, defining our target audience and markets, refining our offers, and of course, designing how we wanted it all to look and feel…

The result is “The Inspired Brand”…a design agency, strategy consultancy, and training firm all in one. It is a labor of love that we are thrilled to be able to share with our clients and community, and to launch our little baby into the world! We know it is of course never ever “DONE”, and that our brand, website and business will continue to grow and evolve as they all do…but we are thrilled to share with you a very important piece of our next chapter, and that we can now serve our clients with a greater focus, more refined service offerings, and an even deeper knowledge and empathy for the process we take our clients through.

Thank you for taking a moment to share in our exciting news, and we look forward to sharing even more fun stuff soon…

Big Hugs,