Capitalize on Canva: 4 Resources for Transitional Times

by Sep 28, 2020Tools & Resources

The world is in a transitional time…

Businesses and brands need to pivot and share their offerings quickly and creatively.


Whether your business has been forced to shift to more of a digital platform in 2020, or you need to utilize social media in a way that you never have before, utilizing Canva can greatly benefit your business and save you time, cost, and frustration.

You don’t need formal graphic design training to use Canva and even the free version of the app has tons of templates and features available to its users.

During this year, one of the most valuable things I’ve been able to help clients with is to setup their Canva accounts, configuring it with their Brand Kit (fonts, colors), brand photos, design elements, and brand templates that clients and their entire team can use over and over again.

No matter your skill level or how much time you have to spend, Canva has something for you. The Inspired Brand team loves the creativity, ease of use, and professional quality images and templates that Canva has to offer.

I have outlined a few template options to support you during these times and beyond…

Digital Presentations

With so much of the workforce shifting to the remote workspace, people are looking for effective and creative ways to present to their audience. Canva’s presentation templates are simple to customize and will blow away expectations. Susan’s PowerPoint will pale in comparison to even the most basic of Canva presentation templates. You can even throw in a video slide or two. Mic drop.

Social Media Templates

Social media is a great tool and a way to get yourself and your products and services “out there” to the masses. It is a free and low-cost option if you don’t have the budget or time to build a website or make updates to your existing website. Canva offers pre-designed, professional-looking graphics, and templates to help you look polished, professional, and elevate your social media branding.

Education Templates

Parents are now being tasked with teaching their children in a way that most have never ventured into before. While your child’s teachers might be able to provide you with adequate digital resources, if you are still finding you need some extra help keeping your child’s attention Canva has education resources from coloring pages to math worksheets. Simply choose a few templates and customize to your child’s need or just download it!


COVID Related Updates

If you need to get information to your customers about revised operating hours, procedures, or safety precautions, Canva has added an array of graphic templates from social media posts to printable flyers. They also have official CDC guideline infographics to post and share for free. You can easily update the templates with your brand colors and fonts.


Check out the thousands of other templates offered and set up a free account here:


Let us know in the comments if there are any specific tricks you’d like to learn or tutorials you might like to see from us, and we’ll share them soon!

xo Claudia