Make this your year to SHINE ONLINE!

Kick off 2016 with a powerful 4-week program designed to give you clarity, inspiration, and focus around all that you and your brand can be on the web. If you are planning a branding or website project this coming year, this program is a MUST! In this fun, interactive, and inspiring virtual group program, you will:

Week 1:

  • Define your Brand Story – create powerful messaging and a story that engages.
  • Define Your Voice – Develop your slogan and signature brand “voice”.

Week 2:

  • Design Your Brand – Create your brand style guide and inspiration board.
  • Design Your Logo – Come up with 2-3 creative concepts for your logo.

Week 3:

  • Social ME – Optimize your LinkedIn, Facebook & other social profiles with compelling copy and graphics.
  • Shine Online – Analyze how you are currently showing up online, and learn how to be in control of your online presence.

Week 4:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Get brand feedback and insight real-time from knowledgeable consultants, designers, and fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Get It Done – Discover cost effective ways to get your branding & website DONE.

Four Monthly Content Calls

Video Tutorials + Resources

Occasional Freebies & Treats



Networking Opportunities


Learning Events


Retreats (coming in fall 2016)