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Transformational branding, websites + digital ecosystems for soulful leaders and content creators.

We empower conscious brands and creators on a mission to light up the world.

our vision

We envision a world in which business is a force for good; where people are inspired and empowered to follow their soul’s calling, and make a meaningful contribution through their work.

our mission

Our mission is to craft beautiful brands and communication platforms for conscious creators on a mission to make the world a better place.


we believe in the transformational power of..

We commit to awakening and activating our minds, hearts, and spirits so we can fully “shine” our light, share our gifts, and be of greatest service. 

We support and cultivate conscious business practices, and more ethical models of capitalism including tiered pricing, hiring women in developing countries, co-operative models of compensation and revenue sharing, and more.

We believe in the alchemical and transformational power of our creative energy. 

We understand that as we tap into our creative potential, we heal and transforms ourselves, each other, and the world. 

We claim ourselves as conscious creators.

We know that we are creative, resourceful and whole, and that the more we allow our inspiration to flow and guide our lives and our work, it will naturally lead us to the answers and the lives we seek.

We commit to learning how to more skillfully nurture and work with our creativity and the cycles of creation.

We believe that the world needs more people tapping their creativity, claiming their magic, sharing their unique gifts, and building businesses that align with what lights them up!

Community is not just a value, it is the fuel that powers our work and our business. 

We commit to growing and nurturing our community of clients through our community-focused offerings. We inspire and empower them to sustain their work so they can grow and support the clients and communities they serve.

We share resources and grow in sisterhood with colleagues and fellow women entrepreneurs.

We participate in local community organizations and events

We volunteer time and donate resources to communities in need around the world.

We believe in collaboration over competition.

We support and grow in sisterhood with fellow creative professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

We mentor and empower the next generation to grow and rise alongside us.

We partner with fellow conscious brands and creators to co-create beautiful offerings and experiences for our clients and communities.

We know that business and entrepreneurship can be a force for good.

We believe that it is our divine responsibility to alchemize our gifts, struggles, and inspiration into offerings that will help and inspire others.

We humbly seek opportunities to be of service to our clients, our communities, and to the greater whole.


meet our team

We are a female-led global collective of creatives, technicians, and visual storytellers. We specialize in brand strategy, web design & development, and online course & community building.

Claudia Miró

Chief Inspiration Officer, Brand Strategist & Coach

Claudia is a creative and visionary force that intuitively weaves complex ideas into practical form, and communicates them through words, visuals, and digital experiences.

As our founder and CEO, she acts as Creative Director, Chief Strategist & Coach to our global community of clients. She combines her entrepreneurial spirit with a background in Marketing Communications, a passion for people and their potential, with the heart of a yogi to craft brands that are beautiful, purposeful, and sustainable.

Claudia’s work is intuitive, collaborative, and deeply relational. She draws wisdom and expertise from a rich personal and professional background, dedicated to soulful inquiry, and the study and practice of personal transformation. Her own journey to do work that is meaningful, and to build a business that is aligned with her soul’s calling is at the heart of The Inspired Brand.

Alongside her professional life, she is a lifelong seeker, devoted yogi, initiated Priestess, avid traveler, animal lover, and activist. She volunteers time, resources, and leadership in support of causes that educate and empower women, children, and other marginalized communities around the world.

About Me

a passion for transformation

I’m a brand strategist, coach, yogi and cat mama with a passion for helping spirit-driven women design brands and lives that make them feel good, look good, and do good.

I believe that the world needs more people tapping their creativity, activating their unique gifts, clarifying their voice, claiming their magic, and building brands and businesses that align with what lights them up. I believe that this is how we can be of greatest service to ourselves and others.

This is what inspires and drives me to offer my gifts in support of you and your work, and it is the soul of The Inspired Brand.



what we do

We partner with you to refine your message, scale your business, and elevate your life’s work.

Our full-scale brand strategy process is designed to uncover the essence of your brand and translate it into a compelling narrative.
Unlock the true potential of your brand and set the groundwork for success. This process is designed for businesses looking to uncover and define their core identity and build a strong brand foundation. Through a series of interactive sessions and strategic insights, we’ll help you define and refine your brand’s unique story, and establish the building blocks to continue on your brand journey.

A fully customized Brand Strategy Intensive with Claudia to catalyze a new focus or direction in your business. These sessions offer the space and personalized attention to fully “unfurl”. Together we will explore where you’ve been, where you are, and create a roadmap toward your vision.

Elevate your marketing communications projects to new heights with strategic consulting and creative direction. Leverage our expertise on a per-project or retainer basis to provide strategic insights and expertly guide your branding, website, and community building projects to success.
Our team combines intuitive creativity with strategic expertise to create cohesive and compelling brand experiences, and help you articulate your brand’s voice with clarity and impact. Whether you need a brand refresh or a completely new digital presence, we bring your brand to life with precision and passion.

Partner with us to create a powerful platform, online communities, and digital offerings that serve your audience and grow your business exponentially, sustainably, and joyfully!

We empower you with beautiful, custom, easy-to-use templates that elevate your brand’s visual identity. Our templates are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, allowing you to maintain a consistent and professional look across all your branded materials. Designed with and for Canva, you and your team can effortlessly and cost-effectively create stunning visual communications, branding, and marketing materials that align with your brand’s style and message.

Designed to empower soulful, creative, feminine business owners to align their unique work with their life’s purpose, to serve their dream clients, and scale their online business.
A hands-on, focused & FUN creative collaboration where you participate and learn while a ton gets done! Work 1:1 w/ Claudia to tackle your top priorities re: your branding, website, copy, messaging, systems, workflows and more. Includes lots of support to prepare the space for a super productive and satisfying co-creative experience!

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client love

“Claudia has helped me conceptualize, create, launch and evolve 3 brands over the past 10 years. Through Claudia’s patient, creative guidance I have learned so much not only about creating content and finding my authentic voice but also about how my website and my business, are living, ever-changing entities.

I used to resist and fear change. Claudia has helped me understand that change is a natural and positive process in business, as in life. She and her team helped me translate these changes into positive messages and content that more accurately and positively reflect my business and my beliefs. They create content that feels as if they were reading my mind. (As if my mind could express thoughts so eloquently!)

When Covid hit and I had to make some major changes, I knew Claudia and her team had my back. Whatever pivots had to be made, those pivots authentically reflected the character of my business and my personality as its owner. As a hospitality business, the changes happening during covid were constant. Claudia and team helped keep me current, relevant and kept the revenue flowing!

Now I find myself in a yet another new chapter and am confident that when the dust settles on this one, it will all be reflected in the beautiful evolving websites and content created by The Inspired Brand. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect name for the group that has created such truly inspired brands for this health coaching, ranching, modern cowgirl.”

Sarah McGowan Dear


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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

George Bernard Shaw