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If you’re ready to start feeling excited to have people “check you out” online, then we’d love to work with you!

The Inspired Brand is a marketing and design agency that helps entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives around the world “Shine Online”. We believe your website is so much more than “just a website” – it’s the centerpiece of a thoughtful (and hopefully great looking) online platform that showcases your gifts to the world, and attracts and engages the community and clients you wish to work with.

What We Do

We do more than “just” design websites

We create inspired online platforms for visionaries, revolutionaries, and folks who want their brand to engage people in meaningful ways. We design custom brands, websites, and campaigns that authentically showcase all you have to offer, and provide the ongoing insight, strategies and training to help them grow and evolve.

Who We Work With

We’re passionate about working with passionate people.

At The Inspired Brand, we have the distinct honor of working with revolutionaries and visionaries who are making the world shine brighter. Our clients are purpose-driven and passionate folks that include entrepreneurs, coaches, and fellow creatives who have a lot to offer, and are finally ready to step up and be seen. We help them build their brands and online platforms so they can grow and evolve their communities and movements.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher…”

~Oprah Winfrey

Who We Are


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Chief Inspiration Officer

Hi! I’m Claudia, and I’m honored you’re here. I am a multi-talented, coffee-loving, creative, entrepreneurial and deeply curious soul with an insatiable Wanderlust. When I’m not traveling or dreaming of my next adventure, I thankfully have a pretty amazing day job as a creative director, web designer, online brand strategist, and coworking enthusiast.

I believe the web is a phenomenally powerful tool for connecting people and ideas. Over the years, I’ve woven a unique tapestry of creative, technical and strategic expertise learned in the trenches of building websites and brands for myself and lots of amazing clients. I’ve also been blessed to work with some pretty phenomenal humans – most of whom have naturally come from the coaching, creative and nonprofit worlds. After 7 years of freelancing as C.Miro Consulting, I am now beyond excited to share all that I’ve learned here at The Inspired Brand.

If you are a fellow passionate creative or entrepreneur with lots of big ideas, I am committed to helping you translate it all into a beautiful and cohesive brand and website that you can be proud and excited to share with the world. Together we will discover the “essence” of your unique brand, tell a visually powerful story, and build a sustainable and successful business that serves your communities and makes the world a better place.
I can’t wait to meet you!


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