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We empower conscious brands and creators on a mission to light up the world.


what we do

We partner with you to refine your message, scale your business, and elevate your life’s work.

Our full-scale brand strategy process is designed to uncover the essence of your brand and translate it into a compelling narrative.
Unlock the true potential of your brand and set the groundwork for success. This process is designed for businesses looking to uncover and define their core identity and build a strong brand foundation. Through a series of interactive sessions and strategic insights, we’ll help you define and refine your brand’s unique story, and establish the building blocks to continue on your brand journey.

A fully customized Brand Strategy Intensive with Claudia to catalyze a new focus or direction in your business. These sessions offer the space and personalized attention to fully “unfurl”. Together we will explore where you’ve been, where you are, and create a roadmap toward your vision.

Elevate your marketing communications projects to new heights with strategic consulting and creative direction. Leverage our expertise on a per-project or retainer basis to provide strategic insights and expertly guide your branding, website, and community building projects to success.
Our team combines intuitive creativity with strategic expertise to create cohesive and compelling brand experiences, and help you articulate your brand’s voice with clarity and impact. Whether you need a brand refresh or a completely new digital presence, we bring your brand to life with precision and passion.

Partner with us to create a powerful platform, online communities, and digital offerings that serve your audience and grow your business exponentially, sustainably, and joyfully!

We empower you with beautiful, custom, easy-to-use templates that elevate your brand’s visual identity. Our templates are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, allowing you to maintain a consistent and professional look across all your branded materials. Designed with and for Canva, you and your team can effortlessly and cost-effectively create stunning visual communications, branding, and marketing materials that align with your brand’s style and message.

Designed to empower soulful, creative, feminine business owners to align their unique work with their life’s purpose, to serve their dream clients, and scale their online business.
A hands-on, focused & FUN creative collaboration where you participate and learn while a ton gets done! Work 1:1 w/ Claudia to tackle your top priorities re: your branding, website, copy, messaging, systems, workflows and more. Includes lots of support to prepare the space for a super productive and satisfying co-creative experience!

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our process

branding is alchemy

Ready to make magic?

We believe your brand is a creative energy that is waiting to come to life through you!

At The Inspired Brand, we guide you through a personalized and transformational journey to help you define, communicate, and create a visual identity that expresses your inspiration and intention. Our bespoke brand strategy, creation, and coaching empowers you to more authentically and beautifully share your soulful work in the world. 

our clients

we empower the change-makers...

We work with soulful visionaries, thought leaders, business owners, and content creators whose work is unique and makes a big impact.

Your work is one-of-a-kind and weaves many disciplines. It has evolved, and so have you. The next phase of your leadership requires a new level of clarity, intention, and visibility.


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it’s time to integrate.
it’s time to evolve.
it’s time to ELEVATE.

your brand isn’t just a business, it’s your soul’s calling...

Your “why” is about purpose over profit. You’re inspired by leaving a legacy, a desire to serve, and make a meaningful impact.

We’d be honored to help you align your strategy, identity, messaging, and offerings into a cohesive brand so you can clearly communicate your essence, and shine your unique light in the world.


client love

“I am so in love with my website! I had a clear framework for articulating my work, but zero ability to bridge that into visual form. It’s no easy feat to design for a copy director whose currency is words, and yet Claudia’s collaborative approach made the creative process so fun and effortless. She translated my strategic intentions into a powerful immersive experience for the user, and every single person who knows me well says the same thing when they see it – ‘It’s so YOU!’ And it does what I most need it to do – help me connect with the clients that are a match for my skills. She really nailed it and I couldn’t be more grateful for her support and inspiration.”

Sarah McGowan Dear


Ready to
evolve & elevate your brand?

Think we may be a fit? Let us know a bit about you and your vision and we’ll get back to you with some options to get started!


Not quite ready for custom but want to look pro?

We got you! Our creative and strategic templates will elevate your brand and business for a fraction of the cost. From pre-designed website themes, to social media and brand kits, and Notion templates that will keep your business running like a pro – no one will ever know it wasn’t custom.

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